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  • Steve Wagner completely revolutionized how I play field hockey. When I started working with Steve, I was always on my heels and missing shots I shouldn’t have missed. Up until that time, my goalie training had consisted of an assortment of camps and clinics, many teaching conflicting styles. Steve taught me many advanced skills that I had never really learned before. One great thing about his coaching is that he teaches advanced skills, and at the same time continues to stress the basic skills. With this mix of fundamentals and challenging work, training with Steve is both fun and functional. In addition to a considerable jump in my technical skills, training with Steve changed my perception of the game. From working with him on basics, I knew that I could easily make the saves that I had been missing all winter. This gave me an enormous confidence boost. Steve worked with me before I went to College Connection after my junior year. Thanks to his help, I played as well at College Connection as I had ever played. Steve has not only made me a better goalie, he also helped give me the opportunity to continue improving my game at the college level.


  • “I really think that training with Steve made all the difference in my high school field hockey career, as well as providing me with all the necessary skills to take my game to the next level. Whether it’s talking about new indoor or outdoor techniques, or implementing them in game-like situations, my sessions with Steve are always productive and interesting. The skills video that I made after just six months of training with Steve made all the difference in my college recruiting process. Coaches claimed that my skills looked so much more crisp and instinctual, and that my improvement was obvious. I strongly believe that training with Steve would benefit a goalie of any age.”


  • After working with Steve throughout my high school field hockey career, I was able to develop into a knowledgeable goalkeeper. Steve taught me the technicalities of the game, critiqued my skill and helped me develop my own style of play to have the opportunity to go on and play field hockey at a division 1 level. As I entered into my first college season at the University Maryland, I felt comfortable and confident in the skills that Steve had provided me with, and I give him my greatest thanks and utmost respect for getting me to where I am today. I feel that these training sessions with Steve made all the difference in my play. I would highly recommend a goalie of any age to work with Steve for the benefits are extraordinary!”


  • “Being able to work one-on-one with one of the best goalkeepers and best teachers in field hockey is rare and something that everybody needs to take advantage of. I primarily worked with Steve throughout high school and in preparation for college level play. From the very first experience I had with his coaching, I knew I wanted to continue playing goalie and field hockey for as long as I could. Besides all of the physical elements we covered, the most important were the mental aspects. He gave me the confidence to strive for my goals in field hockey as well as giving tips on how to achieve them. I learned and now fully understand why you perform skills a certain way and I am not just a trained robot. The technical training as well as the vast amount of knowledge combined with the confidence I gained through working with Steve gave me the opportunity to successfully play Division I hockey. Anyone having the pleasure of working with Steve will notice the difference he makes in their game, and won’t regret one minute of it.
  • Thank you very much for making me into the goalie that I am today. If it was not for you, I would not be where I am today.


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