1-On-1 Training

Individual 1-On-1 training provides you with individualized skills assessment and training. Whether you live in the Philadelphia region or not, check out our many 1-On-1 Private Coaching opportunities, including long distance training opportunities.

At Goalkeeping 1-On-1, LLC we take pride in offering flexible 1-On-1 Coaching programs customized to fit each athlete’s needs and experience level. Together with the athlete, we’ll select from among training components such as those described below to build your individualized program. These individualized sessions are designed to evaluate and develop your skills as a goalkeeper. From basic goaltending skills to fine-tuning footwork, saves, and dives, our goal is to help you control what happens in the circle.

**To Participate in any Goalkeeping 1-On-1 events, each athlete must be a current USA field hockey member**

1-on-1 Private Coaching

1-On-1 coaching provides you with individualized skills assessment and training. Each 1-hour session will be devoted to the athlete’s personalized training and development of field hockey goalie skills. The number of sessions is flexible, depending on your goals and availability. Athletes receive training on crucial skills and undergo intensive supervision to continuously enhance, implement and develop those skills. Through this type of training, Steve will teach you to adapt, think outside the box, and ultimately make the position your own. This in turn will allow you to simplify the goalkeeping position and make saves you may never have thought possible! Packages are available for 1, 3, and 6 sessions; sessions are scheduled in advance, and payment is due at the beginning of the first session. Package deals are the perfect way to sample one-on-one coaching and to evaluate your performance as a goalkeeper. *All session must be completed within 9 months of purchase date. No refunds after 1 month of purchasing any package or session.*

 Number of Sessions Fee
One $165
Three $435
Six $810

Now Offering 2v1 Training Options

 Number of Sessions Fee
One $250
Three $650
Six $1215


Elite Goalkeeper Development Program

For goalkeepers who Steve has identified as an impact player currently a sophomore and is on a high school or club team, Goalkeeping 1-On-1, LLC has designed the Elite Goalkeeper Development program. This program is by acceptance only and offered to individuals who have worked with Steve Wagner and have been identified as having potential of playing at a high level for a college program. Interested athletes can request acceptance into the program or an offer may be made by Steve. The program is a contract based program that includes a year- long commitment to work with Steve Wagner of Goalkeeping 1-On-1, LLC.

The Elite training goalkeeper will receive one session per month with Steve Wagner for 12 months (which represents a discounted fee of $130/session). The Early sessions are built on assessing your current strengths and needs in the technical game, with a progression towards understanding which skill to use, when and why. You are expected to train outside of sessions with exercise and flexibility programs aimed at optimizing your athleticism. The Elite Goalkeeper Development program is designed to ensure you master the fundamentals of goaltending and take you to the next level of your game. Elite Goalkeeper Development participants also enjoy:

  • A 10 percent discount on all clinics and camps run by Goalkeeping 1-On-1, LLC (excluding fundraisers);
  • Regular parent-athlete meetings providing consultation on college choices, assistance with editing tapes, and assistance with the recruiting process;
  • Attendance by Steve Wagner at selected games to evaluate how you are incorporating skills into game play;
  • Video recording evaluation of selected training sessions.

The fee for the Elite Development Goalkeeper Program is $1560 for the year.
Once the contract is signed:

1) A non-refundable deposit of $445 is paid in full to Goalkeeping 1-On-1, LLC due by the first session.
2) To fulfill the 12 month contract fee of $1560, a payment of $93/session will be due at each of the 12 sessions.
3) Any additional sessions may be added to a month, for a fee of $130/session.

Game Breakdown

Send Steve a video of one of your games and he will provide you with a comprehensive written evaluation of your situational / skill decision-making and execution, as well as feedback for structuring and organizing your defense. This is a great option for athletes outside of Steve’s tri-state area who would like long-distance training to enhance their playing ability. Fee: $150

Game Breakdown Plus

Steve attends one of your games to watch and record it on DVD. This first-hand view of the game allows Steve to provide you with a fully informed and comprehensive written evaluation. Fee: $250

Skills Assessment

The goalkeeper sends Steve a DVD of a skill session and Steve provides a written skill assessment. Before the goalkeeper makes the DVD, Steve will send a list of recommended skills to be performed for the DVD including kicking, save-clear, lunge save, stack the pads standing, stack the pads sliding and others. Another great option for out-of-towners! Fee: $150

Recruitment DVD Evaluation

If you are looking to play in college and want to know if your DVD has what college coaches are looking for, then send it to Steve. Steve will evaluate your goalkeeping technical skills and content of your DVD. He can make specific recommendations for improving not only your first impression but also your overall performance. Fee: $150